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Finepowder Barium Sulphate is widely used in chemical industry like paint, plastic, rubber, glass,paper, medicine,ceramic & storage battery etc.


The shelf life is indefinite as long as the material is kept in a dry location and not in direct contact with water or moisture.

Analysis and Physical Properties:

Barium sulphate (dry), ω/% min99
Volatile on 105°C, ω/% max0.099
Water Solubles content % max0.119
Fe content % max0.0015
Whitness % min98.5
Oil absorption g/100g15.23
Degree of fineness (45um test) % max0.028


Avoid isolation and tear, kept in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture and no mix with colorful matter.


25kgs,50kgs,500kgs,1000kgs,1250kgs plastic woven bag or paper bag. Shipping Container: 40bag per pallet, 20 pallets in 20FCL

Additional Information:

H.S.CODE: 28332700 

CAS NO.: 7727-43-7 

Molecular formula: BaSO4

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