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As special functional filler, it is mainly used in powder coating, dye, paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, storage battery, and so on, can efficiently enhance the quality of the products.


The shelf life is indefinite as long as the material is kept in a dry location and not in direct contact with water or moisture

Analysis and Physical Properties:

Barium sulphate (dry), ω/% min9898
Volatile on 105°C, ω/% max0.170.2
Whiteness min9695
Oil absorption/(g/100g)10 to 2510 to 25
PH value(100g/L Suspension)6.5 to 9.56.5 to 9.5
Fineness (30μm sieve)/% max0.0030.004
Size in the meso position, μm max0.60.6
Dispersion, μm max1520


Avoid isolation and tear, kept in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture and no mix with colorful matter.


25kg/bag. Inner bag is plastic film bag, tied with rope; Outer bag is plastic woven bag or multi-layer paper bag, sewn by machine.

Additional Information:

H.S.CODE: 28332700 CAS NO.: 7727-43-7 Molecular formula: BaSO4

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