March 16, 2021

Two manufacturing methods of titanium dioxide

The main manufacturing methods of titanium dioxide are sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. Among them, about 56% of titanium dioxide is produced by chlorination method, and more than 70% of this product is produced by large titanium dioxide manufacturers such as DuPont in the United States, and other countries Including China's titanium dioxide plants are still dominated by sulfuric acid method.

Sulfuric acid method: Titanium concentrate or acid-soluble titanium slag is used to react with sulfuric acid for acid hydrolysis to obtain titanyl sulfate solution, which is hydrolyzed to obtain metatitanic acid precipitation; then enters the rotary kiln to calcinate to produce titanium dioxide. The sulfuric acid method can produce both anatase and rutile titanium dioxide.

Chlorination method: Using titanium-containing raw materials, chlorinated high-titanium slag, or artificial rutile, or natural rutile, etc., react with chlorine to generate titanium tetrachloride, which is purified by distillation, and then undergoes gas phase oxidation; after rapid cooling, Titanium dioxide is obtained through gas-solid separation.