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Universal Industrial use.

Industrial, Architectural coatings waterborne and solvent-based.

Industrial, Architectural coatings interior and exterior.

Paper making. Plastic. Printing ink. Leather.


The shelf life of HuTong®  TiO2 is indefinite as long as the material is kept in a dry location and not in direct contact with water or  moisture.


Production Rutile Pigment produced by sulfate process
Inorganic surface treatmentAl Si
Organic surface treatmentYes
TiO2 content %min.93
Rutile content %min.98
Tint reducing power - TCSmin.1900
Volatile matters at105·C %max.0.5
Water soluble %max.0.5
PH value of water suspension6.5-8.5
Oil absorption g/100gmax.20
Color CIE Lmin.100.0
Residue on the sieve(45um mesh) %max.0.02
Whiteness - compared with standardNo less than


25Kg composite woven sack lined with plastic film

Additional information:

CAS number 13463-67-7

Color Index 77891. Pigment White 6

ECOIN listed under EINECS number 236-675-5

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